Jun 2014
Lauren Florea

What the duck?


This post is brought to you by the rain, my morning drive, and a duck.

I swear I was going to draw something else and take this opportunity to go in a completely different direction. I was not going to be so happy, inspirational, etc. In fact, I was going to complain about all of the rain we’ve had in Omaha lately. Not that I don’t like rain (I love the rain), however, it has put a damper on several summer outdoor activities these past couple weeks.

This all changed when I was driving home after my morning babysitting job. It was (not surprisingly) raining. I was slightly distracted by my thoughts of what I would eat for lunch, what I would do for the rest of the day, and how Lana Del Rey gets down to beat poetry (this is a reference to her song Brooklyn Baby, for all you non-Lana fans).

Suddenly, I was slamming on my brakes. There in the middle of the road, right in front of me, sat a duck. I don’t know why this took me so much by surprise, but it really confused my brain for a moment as I processed that yes, there actually was a duck blocking the road. And that it was not moving. It was just sitting there. I finally was able to work out that there was enough room to the left of the duck that I could maneuver myself around him without hitting him, and just like that I was back to driving reality.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about the duck the rest of the way home. I found the whole situation funny and I no longer wanted to complain about the rain. Here was this duck just chilling in the middle of the street, enjoying the rainy weather. So maybe that’s what I need to do too. Complaining about the rain and weather isn’t going to change anything. Instead, it’s time to stop worrying about getting a little wet and enjoy this weather for what it is. So who wants to go dance in the rain with me?