Jul 2014
Lauren Florea

Fireworks and Freedom


Happy America Day.

When I was little, I must have been four or five, I was already running around with a punk in my hand lighting off fireworks. I loved it. The pop, the bang, the slight danger to it all. What fun. Of course the danger part was not really on my mind, and I managed at one point to forget I was holding a punk entirely and hit myself in the forehead with the lit end.

This single incident did not stop my love of fireworks; the next year I was back at it. I spent many July 4th’s out in rural Nebraska, playing with sparklers, throwing firecrackers into rivers, and feeling the adrenaline when a wick was slightly too short and once lit caused me to run for my life.

These days I tend to enjoy watching fireworks more from afar, meaning tonight the only encounter I’ll have with exploding things will be from a distance. But no matter what your firework preference is, I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July.