Jul 2014
Lauren Florea

Taking Chances in China


Well it takes real guts to be alone
Going head to head with the great unknown
But there is no sweeter sound, on the kings round I’m bound
And just waiting for your chance to come

And you’re just looking for a way outta here
Yeah, a way to see this old life all disappear
Take a gamble on your heart, it will lead you through the dark
You’re just waiting for your chance to come — “Waiting for My Chance to Come”, Noah and the Whale

It’s crazy how quickly life can change in an instance. In a moment. With one conversation, with one email, with one phone call. We can plan out our lives, we can try to decide how everything is going to work out, but not everything can be controlled.

A week ago I still had no clue where my life was headed in the next month, let alone the next year. I was working on pulling a resume together and looking at job openings, but nothing was jumping out at me as something I wanted to do or as something I was supposed to do.

Then I received an email. It was fairly vague, stating that there was an opportunity to be an admissions/marketing/web intern in China but it did not have many other details. Yet despite how little I knew, something clicked in my brain. The internship sounds like something I am interested in going into, and doing it internationally is a dream. So I sent out some emails. Then I was sending out my resume. And next thing I know, I was getting more answers and starting to look into visas, plane tickets and travel insurance.

Starting in August, I will be an intern in the Admissions and Marketing department at Dulwich International High School in Suzhou, China. As in, I will be leaving in a month to go live in a foreign city and gain some new experiences that I never imagined were possible. Sounds crazy, right? Because honestly, a part of me still cannot believe that this is real. However, the rest of me is bouncing off the walls with excitement.

While this is an amazing opportunity and I have been over the moon about this, I will admit it wasn’t exactly an easy decision. There are things that I have to give up by moving half way around the world: being near family, most of my possessions, and figure skating. Here I was blogging a week ago about how figure skating was one of the most important things in my life; now it looks like I will be giving it up again to pursue traveling and other life goals.

Yet this is life, and I have been waiting for this chance to come. Now that it’s here, I’m ready to take it. I am ready to let myself be swept up into a new culture, to face the unknown and the fears that come with moving and traveling on my own. This is an adventure that is not only going to grow my work experience, but it is going to help me grow in other ways I could never have imagined. I am following my heart here, and I am hoping for the best.

To end this, I need to send out some thanks. First, thank you to Dr. Wirth and the Creighton JMC Department for the excellent education I have received and the doors that they have managed to open for me. None of this would be possible without them. Thank you to my family, especially my mom and dad, for sitting down and making me ask the hard questions, to really make me stop and think about this decision but for also supporting my decision once it was made. And thank you to anyone who has been a friend and who has encouraged me and celebrated with me through this crazy life of mine.