About Lauren

myface8-01It always seems a bit awkward to begin an about statement with a ‘hi’, as if I was actually conversing with you, the reader, in person. But let’s face it, I am a socially awkward person who greatly dislikes talking about myself, so let’s start there.

Hi! My name is Lauren. I like figure skating and the country New Zealand. I am a recent Creighton graduate with no idea what I’m going to do with my life now. I double majored in Graphic Design and Digital Design + Development with a minor in Art History. This was never ‘the plan’: but then again, I never have a plan. Instead I gravitated towards the geeky coolness of the design and journalism students at Creighton because it was where I felt most comfortable. This led to me working on The Creightonian as assistant graphics editor, spending all the free time that I had to be on campus in the newsroom, and ultimately calling Hitchcock my Creighton home.

So while being a designer was never what I intended, I have become passionate about design and would like to think I am a decent designer. I am excited to use this blog as a place for me to delve more into hand drawn typography, sketches, and other small design projects that I am working on.

To see more of my design work, visit my website: laurenflorea.com

If you would like to get in touch with me, tweet at me: @LaurenFlorea